Translation and Proofreading

I have worked as a professional freelance translator between Czech, English, and French since 2008.

I have experience translating texts from the following fields:

  • Information technology (user instructions, help files, support files, etc.)
  • Consumer electronics and other devices: printers, cameras, air handling units, etc. (user manuals, catalogs)
  • Movie and video subtitles in Subtitle Workshop and other formats as required by the customer
  • Advertising and marketing texts (websites, flyers, advertising materials)
  • Business texts and correspondence
  • General texts
  • Books: fiction and non-fiction

General Information & Pricing

The price of each translation is calculated based on the number of standard pages (SP) of the source text. One standard page corresponds to 1,800 characters including spaces. If a CAT tool is used during translation, the price depends on the word count of the source text.

Do you need to know how much a translation will cost? Send me the text you need translated and I will get back to you with an approximate quote as soon as possible. It goes without saying that I will maintain the confidentiality of all information included in the text.


I use CAT tools (computer-assisted translation) whenever they are suitable, i.e. mainly when translating technical texts. I currently work with SDL Trados Studio 2021.

Source Text Format

It is best to send me the text to be translated in an editable digital form: as an MS Office file, an editable PDF file, an SDL Trados Studio document or website files.

I can deliver the translation in any of the formats mentioned above.

Layout of the Translated Text

If required, I can make the translated text look as close to the original as possible. In the case of text files (e.g. MS Word documents) it is an easy task, provided free of charge. However, other formats such as Adobe PDF (particularly PDF documents with complex formatting) require additional work.

If you need highly professional graphic output (e.g. if you wish to print the translated documents) and are able to supply the source text documents in Adobe InDesign, I can deliver the translation in this format, thus enabling you to send the translated materials straight to your print services provider.

Page layout and image editing work is charged by the hour, which means the price depends on the time spent on the particular job. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


In addition to translation services I also offer proofreading of Czech texts (written in Czech or translated from another language). Proofreading consists in correcting grammatical and stylistic errors and mistakes. This service is especially valuable in the case of documents to be printed, such as catalogs.